Hand Baskets

Hand baskets are the perfect answer for small shop purchases.  We can provide you with attractive Wanzl designed assets in colourful plastic that can be tailored for your brand.  Add a perfectly designed basket holder to keep them looking tidy around your retail environment. Click here to see detailed brochure or click on images below to see examples of some of our most popular baskets.


Classic Swing Gate


One of Europe’s (and now NZ’s) most popular retail baskets - light, sturdy and ergonomically designed, these come with a variety of handle colours plus space for your brand logo.



Pictured: GT26

Galaxy Gate

GT40/GT40 Eco

The big sibling of the GT range, this roller basket combines great volume capacity with ease of handling around the store.

Pictured: GT40



We also offer a range of more economical baskets that come in a range of colours and sizes.

Pictured: 20L


Hand Basket Stand

We have a variety of Wanzl and NZ Retail stands both static and mobile to keep your baskets in a tidy stack.

Pictured: Wanzl Basket stand