Retail Trolleys and Accessories

Over 70 years ago, Wanzl’s founder Rudolf Wanzl Junior invented the nesting shopping trolley. This gave self-service shopping the boost it needed to take off  in Germany and around the world. The trolley’s operating principle has remained the same while its technology and design have been constantly refined and adapted to ever-changing retail requirements.

Our range of trolleys cover requirements from the smallest store to the largest food warehouse formats. Click here for a detailed  brochure or search below for examples of individual trolleys and an overview of the accessories available.


Classic Swing Gate

Light Series

The Light series, with its shallow basket (70 or 100-litre volume), is one of our most popular retail trolleys for customers who may want to make a smaller purchase of goods



Pictured: 100Light

Galaxy Gate


The EL series, with its wide range of basket volumes (from 75-212 litres) is combined with child/baby carrying functionality making it a highly functional solution.

Pictured: EL212

SH260 without tray.jpg


The SH and DR series have been designed for large format food warehouse environments.



Pictured: SH 260



A selection of trolleys designed to provide fun for the kids, whilst Mum and Dad shop.

Pictured: Tangolino


disability TROLLEYS

We offer specifically designed trolleys for wheelchair users to be able to enjoy shopping whether they be electric or conventional trolleys. We also offer two options for trolleys to transport special needs children or adults and enable them to join in your shopping experience.

Pictured: Disability Trolley



We offer two popular options for stores where space is a premium and shoppers basket size is small.

Pictured: Hand Basket Trolley (G26 baskets)


Tango Series

These easy to manoeuvre, brightly coloured trolleys can be designed to incorporate your own store colour schemes.

Pictured: Tango 90

cropped red baby seat.jpg

TROLLEY Accessories

We have a range of accessories that add to the functionality of the base trolley unit including cup holders, bag hooks, baby frames/capsules and child restrain straps.