Access Solutions

The innovative, high-quality Wanzl security products are in use in all kinds of critical locations requiring security against unauthorised access.  Turnstiles, customer guidance systems and barriers have been a focal point of the Wanzl product range for decades.  Directing, guiding, delimiting and securing: manual and electronic guidance systems from Wanzl protect sensitive areas against unauthorised access while granting unrestricted access to authorised persons.  Suitable for retail but also for logistics and industry.  Click here for a detailed brochure of the Wanzl Access Solutions and some examples below.

Classic Swing Gate


Wanzl has a number of different designs of turnstiles and swing gates whether it be for an entrance or exit.  They have a number of uses e.g in a retail environment, controlled entrances to businesses or at sporting venues with integrated ticket machines.

Pictured: Classic Swing Gate

Galaxy Gate


The various Wanzl Access gates ensure quick and reliable access control by incorporating fast-moving swivel barriers and sophisticated sensor technology.

  • Customised LED technology

  • Robust and modular stainless steel body

Pictured: Galaxy Gate



Whether it be for organising rooms, protecting against theft or even preventing draughts, there are a number of different partition options to choose from.  

Pictured: Classic Partition